Having been in the window film industry since 1986 and after working with all the major brands of automotive window film along with the vast majority of the smaller brands at this point we decided on carrying two levels of auto film which will serve to give our clients the best value for their money.

Currently we offer both a three year nation-wide manufacturer warranty film and a lifetime nation-wide warranty film which does cost more but also gives better coverage and both warranties follow you if you move. 

We also carry the latest technology nano-ceramic films which afford additional heat control without having to black out your windows. These films are also covered by a lifetime guarantee that is good from coast to coast.

The nano-ceramic films, as with all of our films, are wireless signal friendly so as not to interfere with tire pressure sensors, GPS, or cell phone operation.

You have seen bubbly or purple distorted tint. What causes this to happen?

First, those football shaped bubbles are typically from the installer cutting corners on your tint job, and this is how.

Automotive window film is manufactured with a pressure sensitive adhesive so it will stick to your windows, like duct tape. The problem arises when the installer chooses to not use a mounting solution that is adhesive friendly. This means they typically use cheap dish soap instead of more expensive manufacturer approved mounting solutions. The degreasers (used to break up food stuck on dishes) in the dish soap cause the adhesive  on the film to weaken and fail, hence, football shaped bubbles. we use manufacturer approved solutions to both prepare the glass and mount the film to insure against adhesive compromise.

Now the purple color shift is basically from the pigment (dye) breaking down and fading out from the film. Generally your smoke/charcoal colored films three different color pigments; red, blue, and yellow, which when combined in various amounts give you the smoke color. Typically the first color to fade out is the yellow, leaving the red and the blue which when combined give you the purple film. Films with little to no UV inhibitors in the adhesive leave the pigments exposed to the damaging effects of UV rays which cause the pigment to fade out.

Our lifetime nationwide warranty films are color stable and guaranteed not to color shift or fade as the color is impregnated into the polyester and has additional UV inhibitors built into the film.