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SONRISE Car Detailing


Car washing has been noted by water quality experts as a serious contributor to water pollution. Water, you can’t live without it which makes it precious, yet people have used it unwisely for centuries


One of the worst ways is by cleaning vehiclesWashing your car at home, uses 116 gallons of water on average and creates contaminated water that can put these toxins like soap, detergents, residue from exhaust fumes, gasoline, heavy metals from rust, and motor oils that can wash off cars and flow directly to storm drains and into the nearest creek or stream where it can harm water quality, wildlife and contaminate our drinking water.

FACT: Even though a vehicle tunnel wash uses about 60% less water then washing your car at home, they still use hundreds of gallons of H2O daily even if they are recycling. 

Carwashes and detailing using pressure washers use massive amounts of water as it is an efficient process at best. So what is the answer, drive around in a filthy vehicle? No.

We can help stop you from riding in a dirty vehicle and protect our precious resource, water.

1 gallon of water. 
Using pressurized “dry steam” we can clean your cars exterior, interior or both inside and out with about 1 gallon of water, that’s right about 1 gallon.

So ride clean, feel good about helping the environment for you and generations to come. Be part of our solution to help stop water pollution.

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